Introducing Mahatma Gandhi – What does he stand for?

Inspired by the wooden Gandhi-figure that we have in our store…

1889 an elegant young man walked the streets of London. The only difference between him and his kin was the colour of his skin. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi studied law, took dance classes and learned French to become the perfect Gentleman. Today, everybody knows him as the legendary skinny yogic Indian freedom fighter who was a charismatic leader and founder of a new world view.

At school, however, he was a quite shy boy with moderate marks. He even had to repeat a class at 14, because he was married to a girl the same age and was said to have been distracted. After graduating cum laude, Gandhi went to England and studied. A change of lifestyle came to pass when he suddenly started budgeting himself and saving money.

After a sudden and successless start as a lawyer in India, the mostly speechless attorney worked in Africa for a while where he had to face discrimination. His successful engagement for Indians in the same situation led to his prosecution and a relocation to India.

His passive resistance, meaning either his famous famine strikes or the call of his fellow countrymen to demonstrations would from then on characterise and at the same time threaten his life over and over again.

Transcendency led him to the pursuit of his main goals in life: thruthfulness and justice through selflessness. He devoted his life and work to India and its independency.

Gandhi was assassinated during a peaceful demonstration in 1948.

for The Soul of India by  Stephanie Krießmann


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