Indian Art – What is special about it?

When you google Indian Art you often find pictures and reports about Native Americans.

Sorry Mr. Columbus, the Soul of India would like to provide information about genuine Indian art and artisanry in a coconutshell.

We know that art mirrors the social, political and religious situation of a country. Indian art shows the evolution of a civilization of remarkable creators and innovators in many different ways. Therefore, the Government of India aims at preserving the cultural heritage by creating a consciousness for art in its people and by encouraging high standards of expression.

As the cultural and philosophical heritage of India is closely intertwined with the tradition of art, it can even be called an amalgamation of indigenous and foreign influence.

Why Indian art is of unique character:

It features spirals and curvaceous lines, vines and tendrils, round figures, circular amulets, colourful gems, arches and domes, haloed figures, crescent moons and, again and again, pictures of the glorious sun. Sculptures and paintings mirror the diversity, colour and spontaneity of the country and its population, and they also represent the all-embracing nature and the integral Indian way of life.

And that’s why we like it. 

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