Rise and shine: It´s International Womens´ Day!

Rise and shine: It’s International Womens’ Day!

The 8th of March has become a day on which the world celebrates and honours the existence, achievements and emancipation of women. In other words: It’s a day that boosts the idea of gender equality in society.

In 1910 the Second International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen decided to establish this holiday. Men traditionally honour their mothers, wives, girlfriends, colleagues and friends with flowers and gifts.

Its importance and impact on societal change in the world can be easily realized when looking at patriarchal hierarchies, in which women still have a lowly societal status despite their talents and knowledge, even today.

Gentlemen: Celebrate the contributions and value women bring to the workplace, local culture and your lives!

We from the Soul of India wish all women a happy day full of joy and inspiration. Rise and shine!

Check out this great video on how far we’ve come:


Find out how and where Womens’ Day is celebrated around the globe:





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